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Wall Street's Border Wall: How Five Firms Stand to Benefit Financially from Anti-Immigrant Policy

Donald Trump has made his call for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border a signature feature of his campaign for the presidency and his first year in office. A symbol of the rising tide of xenophobia and nationalism, the wall may be popular with Trump’s base, but is wildly unpopular with the public at large. This report looks at a set of players who are generally left out of Trump’s narrative about the wall, but who have positioned themselves to be direct beneficiaries: the investors who could enjoy financial gain from its construction.

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    CPD Impact

    Nov 2016: During 2016, the Federal Reserve made an historic shift in how it makes the most important economic decisions in the country. For the first time they are taking into account low-income communities of color. For the past 100 years the Fed has been dominated by white, male, corporate executives who have cared little about building an economy that works for everyone.