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05/30/2018 | Building an Immigrant Justice Initiative, Combating Family Separation & Deportation, Creating Deportation Defense

Undocumented Mother of Three Released Thanks to Make the Road Nevada

On March 27, an undocumented Mexican immigrant and Make the Road Nevada community member named Cecilia Gomez walked into the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Las Vegas expecting to leave with her green card and permanent legal residency in the country she calls home. Instead, Cecilia was detained by ICE officers and placed on a bus bound for the US-Mexico border.

Cecilia is a loving mother of three boys and a member of CPD affiliate Make the Road Nevada. Cecilia spent 10 days in federal custody and was transported to detention centers in Colorado, Texas and Arizona before being released in Las Vegas on April 7. Cecilia was separated from her sons without knowing if she’d ever make it back home, and her sons had no idea where she was, if she was safe, or when they’d ever find her.

Make the Road Nevada immediately took action rallying to defend her and placing pressure on their local elected officials. Cecilia was released from the Eloy Detention Center in Arizona and reunited with her sons on April 6, and is back on the road to her green card. “If it weren’t for these people, I would not be here now,” Cecilia said in the Las Vegas Sun. “I would be one of the millions that have been ripped apart from their families.”

“I would be one of the millions that have been ripped apart from their families.” [Read more on our blog. - linked to blog]

No family should have to experience what Cecilia and her sons went through -- families like Cecilia’s that are striving for a better life are the American Dream. We should be celebrating and supporting these parents and their families, not ripping them apart.

Stand up for mothers like Cecilia across the country who deserve dignity and respect by making a donation today. Your generosity allows the CPD Network to support and protect other families like Cecilia’s. Please join us in building the strong, national movement for change we need now more than ever.