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02/14/2018 | Building a National Campaign for a Strong Economy: Fed Up

Working People Still Need a Voice at the Fed: 2018 Diversity Analysis of Federal Reserve Bank Directors

    This brief analyzes the gender, racial, and occupational diversity of the 2018 appointees to the twelve Federal Reserve Regional Bank Boards of Directors. The analysis finds that while the Federal Reserve has made modest progress in gender and racial diversity, Fed directors from business and banking continue to dominate leadership positions and fail to represent the interests of labor and consumers. In 2018, policymakers and advocates are calling on the Fed’s new chair, Jay Powell, to build on this progress and continue ensuring greater diversity at all levels of the Federal Reserve’s leadership.

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    CPD Impact

    Nov 2016: During 2016, the Federal Reserve made an historic shift in how it makes the most important economic decisions in the country. For the first time they are taking into account low-income communities of color. For the past 100 years the Fed has been dominated by white, male, corporate executives who have cared little about building an economy that works for everyone.